Promoting the education technology ecosystem in Arizona.

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Promoting the Education Technology Ecosystem in Arizona.

EdTechAZ was created by Matthew Pittinsky (Parchment CEO) and Gregg Scoresby (CampusLogic Inc. CEO) to elevate Arizona’s flourishing edtech industry. Its mission is to support technology-driven innovation in all areas of education, promote technology companies committed to innovation, and enable a connected edtech eco­system in Arizona.

Over 40 companies strong, edtech is a key sector of the Valley’s technology industry. Edtech in Arizona has captured $100 million+ in venture capital and generated more than 1,000 jobs in just the past two years. Bringing together educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry enthusiasts, EdTechAZ creates a collaborative space where challenges are tackled and meaningful solutions crafted to make the most of the massive global opportunities in education.


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